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The story of New York, new happy


Back to New York, just like old times. But not really. It's funny how much has changed. Each time I visit, I go through "the phases":

1- excited to see things and feel recognition, like returning home

2- glad I don't live there any more, because it's such a pain in the ass

3- pain in the ass numbed, move on to more important things, like what to eat and do

4- feel eerily at home and dread leaving

5- get back to Minneapolis, realize I don't remember how to drive

I took this picture with Ferris sleeping in the Ergo. Ferris on my chest walking in Union Square, a scene that unfolded countless time, but so different now. We spent a few days together as a 4-some and then Athena and I stayed on an extra week, to eat, explore, eat. There was an instinct to relive the life we had together in the places where I was so happy. But now that Athena's here, it just felt silly. We've moved on to new happy, so I tried some new places, too. And I got my April video done there! Woot.


The story of turning 81


My grandma turned 81 last week. It's funny how as a child, you always envision your grandparents as a single age, immune to such things as birthdays. Truth be told, I grouped most adults into a single age: old. As I'm older, and perhaps approaching "old," I'm more grateful for the things I once took for granted: their old fashioned radio that pipes through the whole house, the wall phone with its rotary dial and twisty cord, charming holiday decor, board games at the table. I wanted to know what it's like to be 80. 

So I asked.

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1411 - grandmaweb.jpg

The story of child-friendly Chicago


We spent a long weekend in Chicago for a wedding, first time traveling as a family of four, shizzam! By now, Nick and I are both pretty efficient in the travel department. For some reason, the Southwest agent wanted some sort of "documentation" for Athena, which was super weird, especially considering that she forgot to check my id in the process. My favorite travel tip is to just leave the damn liquids in your bag and save your energy. I do that every time, and I've only been called out on it maybe once out of 20 flights. (Of course, I looked like a complete moron that time, but it was worth it!)

I made a little slideshow as well, because I couldn't edit down the photos, and I had a little clip of Ferris toting his suitcase that I couldn't bear to waste. He packs his own suitcase, and brought 3 toothbrushes, naturally. We had a nice streak of getting free things in Chicago. For example, some guy on the bus could tell we were heading to the Art Institute, and accompanied us with his family pass so we could go for free and skip the line. Ferris loved the art, especially a sculpture that had multiple heads ("How does that work?!") We had fun at the zoo, museums, got our very first family photos, and ate the best cheese fries ever.


The story of Athena's first month


Athena has reached the six week mark already. Having a baby transports you to an alternate universe, and this is the time when we start to emerge and rejoin the normal people, little by little. I have been a bit obsessed with video, ever since Ferris started talking. Photos just didn't feel like enough, but video helps me remember. Ferris said, "I want to watch this movie every day!" He knows just what to say!

The story of creating a nursery


My second pregnancy has been all about the nursery, because if it wasn't, what would it be about? There's a lot less work to figure things out the second time around, so I had a lot of baby energy in need of direction. And given that our first nursery involved nothing more than setting up a pack and play, I was so excited to daydream and decorate this time around. So, without further ado... here's us turning our office into a nursery over the past couple months, and the new little one growing along.

Theme:  no, thanks.

Inspiration: the 3rd print (f/ left) solidified which direction I wanted to go with the main colors (blue/coral with orchid/gold accent.)

Favorites: I'm madly in love with the brass himmel that we chose to use as a mobile. I also really love the prints, and my old childhood music boxes on display.

DIY? I made the little pillow that works as a foot rest, and did quite a bit of painting various Ikea things to customize.

What's her name? No, not gonna tell you, hence the blue tape across the growth chart. For now.