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The story of moving away


The story of moving away

Erica Caligiuri

How is this year flying by so quickly?! We enjoyed the glorious Portland "winter" and then inexplicably it became July and now August. We missed that transitional cue from Minnesota, when zero degrees pops up to 90 within a matter of weeks. Life has been good here. Busy, full. Full of visitors and exploration and donuts. Somehow despite moving far away, we've continued to have a steady stream of connection to our people, and we are grateful for that. Thank you, visitors, for shielding us from the loneliness that might come with moving to a place without a network. Photography wise, I've been perking up again, but have also realized that with older kids comes a complete lack of stroller, which I relied on to hold my camera. Such a tiny detail that makes the difference. I don't have much discipline right now when it comes to photography, but I still get that feeling of giddiness when the back of my camera exceeds my expectations. 

Can you spot the 2 photos in this set taken by F and A?