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The story of 2016


The story of 2016

Erica Caligiuri

2016, a year where everything changed and nothing changed. We traveled the world, took road trips, sent F to kindergarten, survived surgeries and ER visits. In the midst of it, I forgot my password to this site and worried that I had forgotten how to take a photo as well. I pick up my camera less and less these days. It remains to be seen: is this a result of burnout or a result of a refined instinct for which photographs matter? One thing that I know now is that I've been motivated by fear for a long time. Fear of forgetting and fear of loss. I took my first photography course in NYC and told Nick that I was just going to buy "one fancy lens and then I'll have everything I ever need!" Famous last words. F is 5 ("AND A HALF!" he would add) and I can confirm that 14,438 photos of a baby do not bring back the baby smell. In the hippy-dippiest of ways, I'm trying to focus on the now. I'm not sure where that will lead, and I'm trying to be ok with that. In the meantime, I remembered my password and these photos help me remember 2016 as well.