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The story of Normandy


The story of Normandy

Erica Caligiuri

After a short flight from Morocco back to Paris, which seemed long due to Athena screaming the entire time, we went on a short jaunt east to Reims. There we visited a champagne house and toured the Surrender Museum. It's not much of a tourist attraction, but I was so excited to visit the actual place where WWII ended. In case you were wondering, now the historical building that once served as SS, and later US, headquarters is a high school where little punks smoke within 2 feet of the door. We then headed on a road trip west to Normandy. Nick made a deal that he would only return to Paris if we visited somewhere else in France as well, so he could see something new. We found a chateau that offered a kids dinner at 6PM (with wine for the adults!), a baby monitor, and a fancy adults dinner at 8PM. I fell madly in love with the place, and vowed to return. Along with simply relaxing, we drove to Mont Saint Michel, a beautiful church on an island. We stayed over Easter, and had a wonderful candy hunt on the grounds. The church bells come from Rome and drop eggs and candy for the children. Which makes even less sense than the bunny story, but we loved it nonetheless.

Shot with a Nikon D750 + 24-120 f/4 lens and iPhone 6