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The story of Paris (with kids)


The story of Paris (with kids)

Erica Caligiuri

As evidenced by the damn near ridiculous swell of photographic volume below, we recently spent about 9 days in Paris. The start of a wonderful March vacation to Paris, Marrakech, and Normandy. We decided to go about 2 months before, and booked our first airbnb (thumbs up!)

First things first, the flight, since everybody has asked about flying with kids. It was awesome. The week before, we made sure the kids were in bed by 6:30 to start adjusting bedtime, and they both went to sleep relatively easy (by 8:30, after dinner and lights out on the plane.) Great movies, free wine, kids asleep on our laps; by the time we'd landed, I felt like I'd already had a vacation.

We had both spent quite a bit of time in Paris before, so there was no pressure to see a bunch of new things. Most days, we had a plan to do one site/museum and one park, which left plenty of time for impromptu stops. Tons of croissant eating, tons of carousels, catching up with wonderful old friends and meeting new ones.

It was so fun seeing a different side of the city. We loved it. Seeing all the intricate Easter chocolate sculptures. Eating dinner at home and watching French Super Nanny. Palais Royale. Montparnasse Tower. The little park behind Notre Dame (but not inside the church, because lines.) These were some of our favorite places this time around. The Jardin d'Acclimation has a great amusement park, and instead of stale hot dogs, has a legit Angelina cafe, which serves the world's fanciest hot chocolate. Kids in France are expected to be quiet, and to adequately handle an environment with velvet furniture. There is a French saying that translates to "well-raised." Parents whose kids rip their coats off in 50 degree weather and scream "NYOH!" will be given a strong side-eye. (And without a scarf, en plus!) C'est la vie. We continuously bribed them with small chocolates if we really needed good behavior, and that worked out well for everybody. The first day we bought Ferris a notebook at the store where I once bought school supplies. He drew everything he saw, including a replica of the Paris subway map.

I miss it already.

(photos shot with Nikon D750 and 24-120 f/4, Canon EOS M, iPhone 6S)