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The story of fall-ing


The story of fall-ing

Erica Caligiuri

Yes to blogging, no to dishes. That's what I always say when we have 3 positive strep cultures and Nick is out of town. But what I've discovered about sickness, when it's not the serious kind, is that it's awesome. It's one of the few things that gives me respite from trying to get things done, and just say, "FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCK it." (It gives me respite from trying not to use the F word as well.) McDonald's for dinner. Unlimited screen time. Unlimited chocolate milk. No mommy guilt. A grace like the weather itself, which hasn't yet punished Athena for pulling off her socks and shoes. I really should know better than to set such expectations, because "getting things done" recently is not an accomplishment, but a mere prelude to somebody undoing those things.

But little by little we have been doing things. Tiny things that add up when you look back. Covering a blank wall with memories, pulling together a smashing Billy Idol costume, visiting family, selling apple cider.