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The story of New York, new happy


The story of New York, new happy


Back to New York, just like old times. But not really. It's funny how much has changed. Each time I visit, I go through "the phases":

1- excited to see things and feel recognition, like returning home

2- glad I don't live there any more, because it's such a pain in the ass

3- pain in the ass numbed, move on to more important things, like what to eat and do

4- feel eerily at home and dread leaving

5- get back to Minneapolis, realize I don't remember how to drive

I took this picture with Ferris sleeping in the Ergo. Ferris on my chest walking in Union Square, a scene that unfolded countless time, but so different now. We spent a few days together as a 4-some and then Athena and I stayed on an extra week, to eat, explore, eat. There was an instinct to relive the life we had together in the places where I was so happy. But now that Athena's here, it just felt silly. We've moved on to new happy, so I tried some new places, too. And I got my April video done there! Woot.