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The story of child-friendly Chicago


The story of child-friendly Chicago


We spent a long weekend in Chicago for a wedding, first time traveling as a family of four, shizzam! By now, Nick and I are both pretty efficient in the travel department. For some reason, the Southwest agent wanted some sort of "documentation" for Athena, which was super weird, especially considering that she forgot to check my id in the process. My favorite travel tip is to just leave the damn liquids in your bag and save your energy. I do that every time, and I've only been called out on it maybe once out of 20 flights. (Of course, I looked like a complete moron that time, but it was worth it!)

I made a little slideshow as well, because I couldn't edit down the photos, and I had a little clip of Ferris toting his suitcase that I couldn't bear to waste. He packs his own suitcase, and brought 3 toothbrushes, naturally. We had a nice streak of getting free things in Chicago. For example, some guy on the bus could tell we were heading to the Art Institute, and accompanied us with his family pass so we could go for free and skip the line. Ferris loved the art, especially a sculpture that had multiple heads ("How does that work?!") We had fun at the zoo, museums, got our very first family photos, and ate the best cheese fries ever.