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The story of creating a nursery


The story of creating a nursery


My second pregnancy has been all about the nursery, because if it wasn't, what would it be about? There's a lot less work to figure things out the second time around, so I had a lot of baby energy in need of direction. And given that our first nursery involved nothing more than setting up a pack and play, I was so excited to daydream and decorate this time around. So, without further ado... here's us turning our office into a nursery over the past couple months, and the new little one growing along.

Theme:  no, thanks.

Inspiration: the 3rd print (f/ left) solidified which direction I wanted to go with the main colors (blue/coral with orchid/gold accent.)

Favorites: I'm madly in love with the brass himmel that we chose to use as a mobile. I also really love the prints, and my old childhood music boxes on display.

DIY? I made the little pillow that works as a foot rest, and did quite a bit of painting various Ikea things to customize.

What's her name? No, not gonna tell you, hence the blue tape across the growth chart. For now.